I Should Be Sleeping

I can’t call this insomnia. It’s called: this-idiot-keeps-falling-asleep-at-toddler-bedtime-and-then-isn’t-sleepy-at-her-bedtime.

So, here we are. I should shut ‘er down, roll over and pull a blanket over my head. But I can’t. You see, I’m so hopelessly unorganized that when I fall asleep at 9pm there’s still so many things I must do before I can go to bed.

Tonight there was bread dough proofing in my oven. And because it was out for three hours longer than it was supposed to, it spilled over the confines of the gigantic bowl it was resting in. Add cleaning sticky bread dough off of my oven floor to the never-ending to-do list. Also, the remaining  half a batch of browned butter popcorn to be put away. There was also the small issue of a peeved Shiba Inu who wanted to go frolic in the freshly fallen snow. The contacts that were rapidly gluing themselves to my retinas. The social timelines that needed perusing. And so on.

And now here I sit. 3am. I should be in bed.

In five hours, there will be some kind of outreach coordinator here handing over the keys of a big ass pickup truck that I’m test driving for three days. (Thanks Klout.) I would probably do well to be rested enough that I don’t back that thing into my neighbour’s cars – or something.  Why did I decide to claim this perk? I don’t want a truck. And I have a sinking suspicion that all it will do is make me loathe my aging Nissan Maxima even more. (1998 Holla!) I mean sure, it will be useful for hauling the last of my shit from Sean’s house to my apartment. But aside from playing delivery truck and maybe whipping through the Starbucks drive-thru once or twice, I’m not really sure what kind of test driving I will really be doing. Free gas and heated seats! That’s something I suppose.

I need sleep. My dark circles will have dark circles and I lack the cosmetic wizardry to make them disappear. Sorry Klout person. You’re going to get the bleary eyed, top-knotted, wrinkled jeans and a hoodie version of me tomorrow.

So, you know – just like any other Friday.

Crap. It’s already Friday.

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One Response to “I Should Be Sleeping”

  1. Mary November 19, 2013 at 5:42 pm #

    You made me smile…